Terms and Conditions


  • In these Conditions "Autovets" shall mean the relevant branch of Woodward Automotive Ltd, and "the Customer" shall mean the person or body by or on whose behalf the work sheet is signed.
  • Where Autovets contracts to carry out any manufacturer's Standard Inspection, Service or Diagnostic operation by name Autovets liability shall be limited to the performance of that work.
  • Autovets and its servants and agents are expressly authorised by the Customer to use the vehicle or vehicles referred to overleaf on the highway and elsewhere for all purposes in connection with the Inspection, Service and Repair thereof. The vehicle will be covered by Autovets insurance for these purposes. Insurance details available on request
  • All monies due to Autovets in respect of Inspection, Service or Repair operations carried out on the vehicle or vehicles referred to overleaf shall become payable when such operations are completed and the Customer has been notified that the vehicle or vehicles are ready for collection. Unless otherwise agreed all payments to Autovets shall be made before the vehicle or vehicles are released.
  • The Customer acknowledges Autovets to have a legal lien upon any vehicle or vehicles left with Autovets for Inspection, Service or Repair and upon the fittings or contents thereof for all monies due to Autovets from the Customer on any account.
  • In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by Autovets, its servants or agents, vehicles, and the components, fittings and contents of vehicles, are left entirely at the Customer's own risk.
  • The conditions of Autovets guarantees and warranties are available on request
  • All agreements made between Autovets and the Customer are personal to the Customer who shall not be entitled to assign his rights or liabilities thereunder to any third party.
  • If in Autovets reasonable opinion the operations ordered to be carried out by the Customer cannot be carried out without the vehicle or any part thereof being washed or otherwise cleaned the cost of such washing or cleaning shall be chargeable to the Customer as if the same had been specifically ordered by him.
  • If by reason of the Customer's instructions or lack of such instructions any vehicle or vehicles left with Autovets for any Inspection, Service or Repair operation are not collected by the Customer from Autovets within 7 days of Autovets having notified the Customer that such operations have been completed Autovets shall be at liberty to charge the Customer a reasonable daily sum for the storage of such vehicle or vehicles.